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Home Inspector Las Vegas ( 702) 686-6673 ] Home Inspections Las Vegas

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Home Inspector Las Vegas ( 702) 686-6673 ] Home Inspections Las Vegas

Home Inspector Las Vegas ( 702) 686-6673 Buyer Home Inspection Purchasing a home is one of the biggest investments you will make. For peace of mind,…

What is Precision Marketing?

Webinar Excerpt: How Top Performing B2B Companies Harness the Power of Precision Marketing (Gleanster Principal Analyst Jeff Zabin on a webinar hosted by Mar…

SELLING YOUR GOLD? Why Jewelers and Pawnshops suck

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SELLING YOUR GOLD? What Jewelers and Pawnshops suck.
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Subscribe to Gold Derby’s YouTube Channel – Actress Diane Kruger talks to Gold Derby editor Daniel Montgomery about the unique challenges…
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Top Real Estate Investing Tools

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1. A Website

A website is necessary for every business. It is the first place that people turn to when they need information on a product or service. It is the source of primary information for people who are interested in transacting in real estate. So, one of the first tools that you need to successfully market yourself is a web address.

2. Web Presence

A web address is half of the story. People need to know how to get to your web address. The internet is host to hundreds of millions of websites relating to almost every conceivable product or service that is bought or sold. What you need is to be able to popularize or aggressively push your web site so that its visibility increases. Some of the methods that you can use are online press releases, blogging and search engine optimization The fact is that a web address is a means to increase your brand value, to generate queries and to augment business opportunities. The real business is the brick and mortar business that you need to build. The internet is a tool that is all.

3. A Real Estate Blog

Real estate blogging is one of the most effective marketing tools for real estate agents. You should post good quality content on your blogs that helps is visible through search engines. People tend to read blogs and can use their discretion based on the quality of the contents in the blogs.

4. Real Estate Postcards

Yes, even in this day and age, the old fashioned method of postcards has relevance. This method can be used with the right timing and judiciously mixed with usage of other tools. With the right, design and strategy postcards are an effective tool at generating leads.

5. Seminars on Home-Buying

A seminar on home buying is an effective tool for personalized marketing to a broad audience in a short period of time. There is a certain amount of effort involved in arranging a seminar, but the efforts are worth it. A seminar is ideally organized in collaboration with mortgage and home loan professionals, home inspectors and tax consultants so that you can deliver a holistic solution to prospective real estate clients.

6. Client Referrals or Non-Referrals

One of the oldest methods of generating clients and leads is the word of mouth. In fact, there are a number of high profile industries and professions where the word of mouth form of advertising is the most powerful. Need a good lawyer? Looking for a good dentist? Require a reliable real estate agent? Look for opinions amongst your friends and relatives or people whom you can rely upon for advice. As is the case with any professional service based business, word of mouth can make the difference either way. People are bound to be either satisfied or dissatisfied with service. Moreover, people will talk to others; all the more if they are dissatisfied.

7. A Big Idea

In any business you always need a plan and strategy to succeed. The big idea is where your creativity and business acumen come into play. Big ideas make the difference between success and failure or subsistence at the best.

8. Be tech perceptive

Use technology to the hilt to market yourself.

1. If you have a team of people working for you, make sure that they are well connected amongst themselves and with you.
2. Make sure that you have creative and effective content posted to blogs. Use SEO to effectively market your website and to generate queries.
3. Devise periodicals with good buys for prospective clients and maintain mailing lists at which you send the periodicals.

Let us face the fact that the internet has brought about a revolution in marketing of products and services

9. The Website Listed Below

The website listed below is a portal of real estate related information. It contains a wealth of information on direct mail and online marketing, besides informative articles on marketing yourself effectively in real estate.

Jim Mack is a one of the premier real estate investors in the Kansas City area. Jim is a short sale and foreclosure specialist. If you need to sell your home fast visit him at or

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Solid gold

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Villages built out laterite are typical of Vietnam’s Northern Midlands.

The thick layer of soil located under residual soil is called laterite. Rich in iron and aluminum, laterite is formed in hot and wet tropical areas for generations, Vietnamese people have used this durable material to build houses that are able to adapt to different weather conditions.

In My Huong village near the tranquil river of Tich Giang in the Chuong My District of greater Hanoi, the harvest is over. Muscular young men armed with spades and shovels go off in search of laterite. Digging laterite requires a special type of spade called a “thó”. This spade í made ì iron and measures about two meters long. The lower edge resembles that of a shovel but is split in two and called the “lăn thó”.

The “lăn thó” í used to chip laterite into pieces. A laterite brick used for construction normally measures 30x16x15 cm. on the upper edge of the spade lie smaller wings called “én thó” that allow the workers to chip the laterite accurately.

As they have done for generations, young men of marriageable age flock to the fields in search of laterite with which to build their own house. It takes at least a month of hard work to produce enough bricks for a small house. Only workers with at least five years of experience can produce larger bricks that measure 40×20 cm.

The Thach That district in greater Hanoi is known as “the capital of laterite”. The name “Thach That” actually means “the zone of laterite – built houses”. In this area, laterite buildings are everywhere. Hundreds of laterite blocks surround the Tay Phuong Pagoda (built between 865 – 873AD) and form the 237 stairs that lead up to it.

In Duong lam village rough and raw bricks are stacked to make walls. Those bricks create simple beauty that gives visitors a glimpse of the past. Passerby is enthralled by the earthy yellow laterite walls gleaming in the sunset.

Vietnam’s Northern Midlands Region is home to seven ethnic groups: the Kinh, Muong, Nung, Cao Lan, San Diu, Chinese and Dao. Only the Dao do not use laterite to build their houses.

While urbanization has replaced traditional architecture with cold cement buildings and simple beauty. Laterite can be chipped into small pieces to make walls. Using laterite can cut costs and add artistic value to a house. Large laterite bricks create a sense of solidity and strength. In the garden of the Dam Sen Club inQuang Ba, Hanoi, laterite has even been turned into statues. With their melting colors, these statues are mysterious and deeply moving. 


This article written by Lanh Nguyen from Vietnam Heritage Travel

For original article, please visit:

Vietnam vacation

Vietnam Travel

Hotel in Hanoi

Vietnam Package Tour

Travel agency in Vietnam

Vietnam Travel News The Superdrive from SGFX is killer! Got the expensive amp tone in a box.
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Buy Gold Bullion And Sell At Ideal NY

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Ideal NY is the most authentic coin dealer in the United States of America. They will always look out for the benefit if the people who invest in their time in the hobby of coin collecting. There are some who even go to the extent of dealing in coins; they are not primarily collectors but dealers in general. They do not like to spend their free time in collecting the rare currency.

They rather do it for the investment that comes with it. The rare currency that comes to them is put up for sale and then it is sold and bought a specific group of collectors. One should not mistake numismatics with coin collection as both are very different from each other.

They need to be very specific in their history and theories regarding the coin that they have come across. The experts of numismatics do not necessarily collect the coins they come across; they are more interested in the story that is weaved in the coin. The coin collector on the other hand is just concerned with the wealth that it is endowed with, although this is not for always.

You can even get people who collect coin for the sheer joy of attaining knowledge from it. Coin collections are a hobby for the most of the people. While it becomes obsession for some others enjoy collecting the old artifacts in general.

Ideal NY is one place where you can get every thing under one roof. You can very easily get the best experts in business who will guide you to take every thing that you require to know about the collectible coins.

The site which is up on the internet helps you out with all the things that you require to know regarding the buying and selling of coins. All kinds of deals are handled by them. They can even get to use the information to help them in finding a rare collectible very easily.

There are guidelines given as to how you would differentiate between a fake and an authentic one. The best part is that you need to get to know that they have laid down all the specification as how and what are the ways that you are going to get the maximum benefits in your coin dealings.

You can get experts who will tell an authentic one from a fake. They will help you to make the best deals with the coin dealers who are some times found to adopt some indiscript regarding the deal. You can always get the best and trustworthy advice from them as they will help you from the beginning till the end. They are always willing to help you out with all the things that are bothering you. They have the patience to explain every thing to you in details. Buying and selling of gold coins and other rare collectibles have become very easy with the people at Ideal NY. They give you the best advice so that you are never duped of your money ever.

Coin collection should be taken up by as many as possible; people should be ardent coin collector and loves to collect coins for community benefit. You can find the oldest of coins and can exchange for a good one here. The Ideal NY is a premier coin provider which gives away the best and well maintained coins for exchange and you can also engage yourself with the selling of the coins as well. Please visit the and find out about this in a more detailed fashion.


Taking the Cus out of Customer Service: Why Ask Why?

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Customers are always asking for something. When we first launched our software company, every time a customer would ask for something it did a couple things:

It would shoot the requested feature to the top of our mental priorities, since here it was in realtime right before us: a real customer asking for a real feature.
We would feel bummed that we didn’t yet have the feature.

Our immediate reaction dictated our response:

Reaction: “Well competitor x and competitor y both have this feature. We need it too!”
Response: “We hope to have this feature soon! Thanks for your feedback and patience.”

Then one day, some customer was asking for some random feature, and we were going about our standard routine (adding it and haphazardly prioritizing it in our overwhelming list of features we needed to have) when one of our team members made the divine suggestion, “Why don’t you ask WHY they need this?”

The results not only changed the way we develop our product roadmap, sharpening our knowledge of WHY we should add certain features and functionality and leave others out, but it completely changed the dynamic of our customer interactions. It engaged our customers to think rather than wait.

So, now when a customer asks for something, this is our response:

“WHY do you want this feature? WHAT does this look like within our software? HOW does this help you to become more productive?”

It is always one of three results that occur:

The customer does not respond to our questions. Hmmmm….. apparently they’re tongue-tied.
Their response is a self-declaring answer arguing against the importance of their own request. They convince us (and themselves) that what they’re asking for is a want (at best) and definitely not a need. They actually talk themselves out of they’re own request and make it quite clear that this has no business being on our product roadmap.
They articulate exactly WHY they need this feature, WHAT it would look like being implemented into Rule, and HOW it will truly make them more productive. Bingo! “Now, add that to our wish list too.”

When it comes to developing software, it’s not about the kitchen sink—it’s about value. Which leads us to the customer’s dilema: a desire for a solution with only a vague understanding of the problem.

“I have to manage my team which includes customer relationships and project management. I have this software that we use to manage customers and projects, and we also depend on email, but our team is still not on the same page. We have work activity for projects with discussions all over the place—from email to the software. We have the same thing for customers and I can’t see how everything relates.”

Customers are helping to identify the problem that cloud collaboration & project management software is trying to solve.

Like a rock laced with gold, raw feedback needs to be refined. We don’t want to appease demanding customers…we want to figure them out. There’s pain in work. We all have some symptoms. We all have some points. True customer service is a two-way road: discovering the problem together and working on a solution together. We’ll never be in the business of telling customers what they need without listening to what they want. Nor will we return to the mindless nod of, “Yeah we’ll have that…eventually.”

We ask WHY.


Jerome writes for the Rule blog sharing what he learns in the field of small business productivity.

These are the three best lines from the movie The Departed, IMO.
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