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Shane Baldwin’s Investment Strategies

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Silverleaf Financialis an private firm located in Salt Lake City, Utah. The company focuses acquiring performing and non-performing whole loans secured by income producing commercial real estate in the U.S.  Silverleaf Financial works closely with the FDIC, Banks, Special Servicers and other financial institutions to purchase assets for the purpose of future monetization.  Organized in 2008, Silverleaf has purchased more than $ 450 million in face value assets.


SilverLeaf Financial purchases loans secured by a variety of commercial assets including:




The Silverleaf team possesses a diverse and seasoned background in real estate, development, asset management, leasing, commercial lending, accounting law, marketing and sales.  As a whole they strive to create a positive outcome for all parties involved.


Dwight Shane Baldwin is the CEO, and founder of Silverleaf Financial. Shane Baldwin was a successful Financial Advisor at Merrill Lynch prior to creating Silverleaf.  Dwight Shane Baldwin studied business administration and marketing at Brigham Young University, Hawaii.


Shane Baldwin’s team of professionalsassesses each unique loan before purchase. Silverleaf Financial focuses completely on the requirements of the individual investor. Silverleaf Financial believes strongly in creating a win-win, with everyone they do business with.


In 2009 D. Shane Baldwin was invited to speak at the annual National Association of Industrial and Office Properties (NAIOP) Development conference where he presented his view on the topic “Buying Distressed Commercial Paper”.


D Shawn Baldwin is an entrepreneurial idealist. His belief, leadership and guidance are the main driving forces behind his striving financial company. As a CEO of Silverleaf Financial Baldwin has helped in achieving an extraordinary rank in business world. Baldwin prides himself in his work ethics and financial knowledge.  D Shawn Baldwin has operated managed several profitable organizations.

D Shawn Baldwin is an entrepreneurial idealist. His belief, leadership and guidance are the main driving forces behind his striving financial company. As a CEO of Silverleaf Financial Baldwin has helped in achieving an extraordinary rank in business world. Baldwin prides himself in his work ethics and financial knowledge.  D Shawn Baldwin has operated managed several profitable organizations.

D. Shane Baldwin is the originator of Silver Leaf’s three branches: Silver Leaf Financial, Silver Leaf Asset Management, and Silver Leaf Real Estate.

D. Shane Baldwin is the originator of Silver Leaf’s three branches: Silver Leaf Financial, Silver Leaf Asset Management, and Silver Leaf Real Estate.

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How To Protect Your Investments In Bankruptcy

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Serious financial problems rarely happen when you expect them. Personal injuries or other illnesses that leave you disabled can cause huge medical bills to pile up yet cut off the only source of funds you have to pay off your debts. Sixty-two percent of all bankruptcies filed in 2007 were linked to medical expenses. That is almost 20 percentage points higher than 2001. Unfortunately, the numbers aren’t getting any more encouraging. One would expect these figures to indicate a large amount of uninsured individuals, yet for people filing for bankruptcy in 2007, nearly 80 percent had health insurance. As medical costs rise, this is going to be an increasing issue. For individuals suddenly stricken with illness or disability, the inability to work is a new experience. Many people who have invested wisely throughout their working careers to build a nest egg for retirement are tempted to liquidate investments in order to pay off pending debts. This doesn’t have to be the case. If your savings are in a 401K or an IRA account, there are ways that these assets can be protected from creditor judgements. In 2005, the government realized that individuals filing for bankruptcy need to have certain assets available to them in order to move forward after filing. Stemming from this and other realizations, the government changed bankruptcy law. The Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005 protects tax-qualified retirement plans including pensions, profit-sharing, and IRA plans valued at up to $ 1 million from creditors in the event of a bankruptcy. IRAs are the largest component of the U.S. retirement market and most investors hold these assets in traditional IRAs, which are funded by rollovers from employee-sponsored retirement plans and other contributions. They often provide easier access to money, have a wider range of investment choices, and may have lower fees. For investments in a 401K, the traditional form of retirement sponsored by employers, creditor protection in bankruptcy is unlimited. When filing for bankruptcy, you simply need to declare your 401K as an asset exempt under the federal or state provisions. If you are seriously considering filing for bankruptcy in the Los Angeles area and want to find out more about how to protect your investments from creditors, contact the firm that focuses exclusively on California bankruptcy laws: Borowitz and Clark. Every day, the Los Angeles bankruptcy lawyers at Borowitz and Clark help people save their homes, their cars, and wipe out their debts. While the process appears complicated, the Los Angeles bankruptcy lawyers at Borowitz and Clark will be able to help you understand your options and avoid making bad decisions. You get one chance to file bankruptcy right the first time. They know what they’re doing, because bankruptcy is all they do. Unlike many firms, they never leave a paralegal or secretary in charge of a case. That’s why their cases succeed at such a high rate—even higher than many other bankruptcy firms. For a free consultation, contact a qualified Los Angeles bankruptcy lawyers at Borowitz and Clark toll-free at 800-509-3200, or visit

Brian Reed. los angeles bankruptcy lawyers – Contact the law office of Borowitz & Clark, experienced bankruptcy attorneys who take your case from start to finish.

Surprise Your Loved One ? Buy Her Gold Bullion Coin

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Some people are far too special. They are much above the usual kinds of gifts like flowers, chocolates, or trinkets. Sometimes, you just need a special way to tell them how much you care. Unfortunately, the world today is such that very few people actually have the time to make someone a personalised gift, of throw them a party with all the frills done in exactly the way the loved one likes it. If your loved one is far away from you, then making a special gesture for them becomes a lot tougher. It could be anyone – a child, a lover, a relative, a sibling, a spouse, a parent – but nothing says you care better than a gold bullion coin.
Special Gold
The main reason why a gold bullion coin is so special is that the principal element is gold. Not only is a gold a precious and an expensive metal, but it is also a metal that never reacts with anything in its surroundings. Thus, a 22 karat gold bullion coin is a way of showing a loved one that your love for them is like gold – it would never change, irrespective of how circumstances may change in the future.
Buy Gold Coins Safely
When you buy gold coins, you must be precautious. It is best that irrespective of which method you chose to buy gold coins, you always chose a retailer or a seller who is trustworthy, and has been either given good reviews, or has a reputed name. In this way, even if you have to pay a little more, you can be sure that the gold bullion coin that you buy is really all of 22 karats Some people are far too special. They are much above the usual kinds of gifts like flowers, chocolates, or trinkets. Sometimes, you just need a special way to tell them how much you care. Unfortunately, the world today is such that very few people actually have the time to make someone a personalised gift, of throw them a party with all the frills done in exactly the way the loved one likes it. If your loved one is far away from you, then making a special gesture for them becomes a lot tougher. It could be anyone – a child, a lover, a relative, a sibling, a spouse, a parent – but nothing says you care better than a gold bullion coin.
Special Gold

For more information on gold bullion coin, check out the info available online; these will help you learn to find the buy gold coins!

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Risks Versus Returns on Coin Investments

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Risk has an inverse relationship with returns. The riskier you are willing to go, the higher the returns. But, being in risky situations all the time is not safe. It may catch up to you one day or another. But how can you get the returns you want without all the risk? This is where good strategy can eliminate all your worries. If done correctly, you could achieve maximum returns without the any risks!

When you cut off all the risks, the returns are always low. Sometimes too low. So investors usually diversify their portfolios to lower their risks. This usually lowers their risks without sacrificing returns. What they usually do is put a certain percentage in extremely risk investments, then another chunk in medium risk investments, and most of it into safe investments. What they want to achieve is the highest return possible. But they always lose a lot of money in some of their riskiest investments. And then they lose some in the medium risk investments. The safe investments are usually safe. They could easily make more money if they do not lose money in their riskiest investments. But, this is inevitable because they were called risky investments for a reason. Their problem lies in the fact that their safest investments always give the lowest returns.

It’s a bit different with coin investments. In coin investments, the riskier coins usually have negative returns. So this means that you have to pick safe coins to invest in. But the same underlying problems still remain. Safe coins usually yield mediocre returns. I consider any coin that yields 6% a year or less is not a good investment. It doesn’t seem bad so why would I consider it a low return? Because it is an average of 6% over a couple of years. You would have to wait a couple of years for the coin to appreciate in value. You will get your 6% per year, but you don’t know when. I think if you have to play the waiting game, you should at least get 7.5% per year or more. That’s why I consider 6% a low return.

But if you know some good strategy, you might be able to get your high returns while cutting off all the risk. To counter the low returns and cut off all the risks you must diversify your portfolio in a certain way. All you have to do is buy high grade key dates to get your high returns. To cut off the risks you have to buy a different key date every time you buy an investment coin. So if you had 20 coins in your portfolio, you should have 20 different coins. Every single time you buy a different coin, your coin portfolio becomes more diverse. And the more diverse your portfolio is, the less risk there is. Sometimes I think that if this is done correctly, there will be almost 0% risk.

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Why Jewelry Scales Need To Be Precise

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Jewelry scales come under the umbrella of precision scales. As evident from the name, jewelry scales are used by jewelers to weigh gold, silver, white gold, platinum as well as pearls, rubies, diamonds and all other types of metals and stones. When an extremely expensive jewelry is being measured, precision is necessary, as every milligram is converted to money in millions, especially for valuable stones like diamonds or antique jewelry items. For this reason, precision and accuracy in reading are the decisive factors in considering purchase of jewelry scales. Manufactures need to do some rigorous testing to make sure increments come in 0.01 mg or less so that price is calculated to the last decimal. Furthermore, price computing scales can be used for the choice of jewelry scales so that each weighing of carats gives price reading accurately and both the seller and customer are at ease.

When you are going to make the purchase decision, it is better to give consideration to some factors that affect the utility of your scales. The most significant factor is Automatic Internal Calibration. With this feature, scales are able to calibrate automatically with a preset time or temperature change increment. A high accuracy standard weight must always be there to compare the calibrated weight. The calibration feature aids a lot in places where the location is windy or drafts cause erroneous reading.

Manufacturers have made carat balances with rugged metal exterior that ensures long term work life along with minimal maintenance expenditure. Some scales come with detachable lids for weighing precious stones safely. Other features include

1. Elegant back light display or LCD display.

2. Battery backup that lasts for a long time so that scale portability is ensured without hindering operation.

3. Automatic or semi-automatic calibration with second weight for reference.

4. Piece counting feature for weighing number of stones, gold coins, biscuits etc. This means you can automatically count a large number of metal items without the fear of human error and get their price accordingly. This feature makes use of vibration to register each unit.

5. Technologically developed  interface for computing purposes  so that scales can be attached to PC or printer for direct print out reading.

6. Conformation to GLP/GMP as well as the standard ISO 9001 certification. Both ensure weighing according to gold weighing requirements as well as manufacturing standards for scales.

7. Different weighing units according to the type of metal and other small precious object: gm, carat, pounds, tl, momme, ounces, ozt, dwt, penn.

8. Highly stable filter level as defined by the user.

Competent manufacturers make specially designed gold scales for efficient and reliable weighing in quick succession for daily measurements. You can find a maximum capacity of 6,200g. This is quite expedient if you have antique items that range from jewelry pieces to decorative objects (which can be heavy). It is advised to make sure you have gone through all of your measuring requirements to opt for scales that have just the perfect number of features so that you can set the right price over the jewel.





Most businesses and individuals require a jewelry scale to perform day to day tasks; BalancePapp is the top online store to buy jewelry scales at cheapest rate.

Asian Stocks Snap String of Losses

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Asian stocks bounced back Thursday as European officials mulled solutions to fix the region’s debt crisis and fears on China’s interest rates hike were eased.


Japan’s Nikkei advanced 1.7 percent to 9,977.20, led by insurance companies. The insurance sector gained thanks to a report that MS&AD Insurance Group Holdings Inc. (TYO:8725), which operates two business segments namely the Non-life Insurance and Related segment and the Life Insurance segment in not only domestic but also overseas markets will put a total of 300 billion yen of its shares in other companies for sales.


Hong Kong’s Hang Seng index jumped 1.4 percent to 23,530.05, spurred by financials. The Shanghai Composite index was up 0.8 percent to 2,860.41. In Korea, the Kospi advanced 1.3% to 1.921.41.


Australia’s S&P/ASX 200 finished up 0.3 percent to 4,640.2. The indexes of Taiwan and the Philippines gained.


On the contrary, Singapore’s benchmark slumped.


China’s government announced Wednesday that it will implement price control measure on a range of energy products, foods and other staples. It would also tighten supervision of prices for items like grain, eggs, meat in both wholesale and retail markets. China’s move relieved some of the anxiety in the world markets that the world’s second largest economy would hike interest rates to dampen inflation.


That the dollar was stronger than the yen would help lift Asian markets. Exporters in the region can sell their competitive products.


However, the dollar slipped against most major rivals in Asia trading Thursday. The euro rose $ 1.3585. Compared to the Japanese currency, the dollar edged down modestly, trading at ¥83.19, down from ¥83.30 late Wednesday.


The Wall Street ended mixed Wednesday amid sharp decline in housing construction in the U.S. and concerns on Ireland’s search for outside help to repay the cost of rescuing the banks at the height of the country’s financial crisis. Britain offered supports to Ireland, which eased concerns on Ireland’s inability to repay its debts.


The Dow Jones industrial average dropped 0.1 percent to 11,007.88 while the technology-focused Nasdqa composite index and the broader S&P 500 index advanced, with 0.1% and 0.3% respectively.


Economics is the study of our lives,our jobs, our homes, our families and the little decisions we face every day. Thus, I am keen on reading and studying economic issues.

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Fees Versus Performance

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The media and Congress are starting to turn their attention to fees that are charged to investors for services provided. They are looking at mutual fund fees, retirement plan fees, and hedge funds fees. Consumers should be informed of costs they are incurring. Consumers should also remember that often you get what you pay for. Would you want the lowest price heart surgeon performing your heart surgery? Would you want the lowest price pilot handling the aircraft you are in when a flock of birds shut down the engines and the pilot must make an emergency landing? Compensation can motivate talent. In our competitive society, compensation allows firms to attract and retain talent. Our economic system is designed to provide those who make the greatest contributions to our society receive the greatest rewards. Therefore some of the most highly compensated people are entrepreneurs, salespeople, entertainers, celebrities, sports figures …etc…

Low fees do not always yield superior performance. High fees are not always the cause of superior performance. High fees lower performance of investment products. Low fees can compensate for inferior performance of investment vehicles. The consumer of investment products must balance these facts with the uncertainty of future performance. This is a challenge for investors as well as investment providers. When it comes to helping you invest your excess earnings so that someday you will become financially independent, do you want the lowest compensated person helping you or do you want someone who is well compensated because they have over time delivered the assistance their clients are looking to receive? You may save some money by seeking low cost funds, I especially like the passive index funds and chances are that you may outperform most investors by owning these funds. Historically most investors who purchase these funds do not outperform the relative market. The funds do outperform most investors but most investors do not outperform the markets. Why not? Most investors sell at the wrong time and buy at the wrong time.

Most investors do not have a good asset allocation plan. Asset allocation can be more than 90% of the rate of return of an investment portfolio. A professional, investment advisor is not a charity worker. There is nothing wrong with charity work. Charity work is a great way to give back to our society. A professional, investment advisor is compensated by their clients. Their costs are fully disclosed. A professional investment advisor is able to assist their clients in achieving their financial goals. Competition forces all in the financial services industry to minimize their costs and maximize the rate of return for their clients. Costs alone should not be driver of who the consumer uses or doesn’t use to assist them in achieving financial independence and sustaining their financial independence. Costs relative to performance is what should be the driver in selection of financial services. Performance as measured by the rate of return the clients receives and the satisfaction the client has in the person they are working with. When your plane is going down or you are lying on the operating table you want a competent, well compensated person handling the controls. When you are investing you should want the same.

Have a fantastic day!
Dave Buss

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Why Diamonds Are A Great Engagement Ring Material

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Jewelry has been an important part of every womans, and sometimes, also mans, fashion statement since time immemorial. The history of jewelry dates back to as far as the dawn of mankind with evidences of usage of necklaces and bangles carved out of animal bones, teeth, shells, stones, wood etc. Experts believe that even though initially jewelry was for entirely utilitarian purposes, used to tie objects to the body, later it assumed importance as aesthetic decorations of the body. And now, no look is complete without that particular jewelry which complements you, your outfit and the occasion. There are industries thriving on the design, manufacture, import/export of jewelry making billions of money almost annually, so huge is the importance of jewelry in todays world.

There are different types of jewelry based on the stones/metal used to make them, the designs, the purpose of wearing, the body part that it graces etc. Among different types of jewelry, gold and diamond jewellery hold a special place in a womans heart because of their sheer breathtaking and dazzling beauty. These jewelry are often embellished with other types of stones such as ruby, emerald, pearls, sapphire etc but none of it can diminish the glow and beauty of a jewelry made of diamond or gold.
Diamonds are often touted as a womans best friend; such is the demand and popularity of diamond jewelry amongst women. From necklaces, pendants, bangles to earrings, anklets etc, the jewelry can be found in various designs; in fact people have been known to make careers out of designing jewelry. Diamond rings hold a special place in every womans heart but nothing can beat the popularity of exquisitely designed solitaire rings. You can custom design them for a more personal touch. Solitaire engagement rings in various designs are sold in popular jewelry shops all over the world. Their exquisite finish and the gorgeous luminance are what set them apart from other jewelry. Solitaire diamonds are also used in bracelets, necklaces, earrings etc. There is a huge demand for certified solitaires from reputed gemological laboratories over the world as people want to make the best buy in terms of purity.
Buy gold jewelry to make a statement about yourself when you step out of the house. Gold necklaces, bangles, rings, earrings, bracelets with precious and semi-precious stones in modern and traditional designs never fail to impress people. To show off your aesthetic tastes you can also get them custom designed for yourself. To guarantee the purity and high quality of gold jewelry and indicate the metal content,hallmark jewelry must be bought from reputed stores.
These jewelry can be found in any jewelry store nearest to you. You can also access their websites and place orders online. These companies also offer you excellent discount prices, especially during the wedding seasons and other festivals. Browse through their collections along with the detailed descriptions and the photographs; communicate with the designers directly for custom-made jewelry and enjoy more facilities of online payments, usage of credit cards, fast delivery etc. So dive into the fascinating world of jewelry and watch yourself getting amazed every now and then.

diamond jewelry,
hallmark jewelry and

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European Stocks Down, Ireland in Spotlight

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European stocks on Monday followed last Friday’s fall amid concerns about increasing problems for the Irish government.


The Stoxx Europe 600 index lost 0.5% to 268.84 in morning trading. Last Friday, the index dropped 0.4% to settle at 270.18, with mining stocks leading the declines, ending down 0.7% last week.


In Spain, the IBEX 35 index dropped 0.8% to 10,138.80. The German DAX 30 index slumped 0.8% to 6,683.66.


In London, FTSE 100 index was down 0.6% to 5,760.70. Shares of BHP Billiton lost 0.8%.


The French CAC 30 index was down 0.8% to 3,802.10. European Aeronautic Defense & Space Co. dropped 1.4%.


According to Ilya Spivak, currency analyst at Daily FX, the aftermath of Fed’s $ 600 billion plan continued to play out. It was fears of a sovereign default on the euro zone’s periphery that he additionally stated why investors sold stocks.


In Ireland, Allied Irish Banks PLC led the decline of financial stocks, down 1.3%.


Ireland which is reported to be holding preliminary talks with European Union officials on an emergency aid package was in focus. European policymakers are urging Ireland to take emergency aid to restrain a debt crisis rattling its markets. This nation was pressed to seek up to $ A83 billion within days.


On Saturday, it was reported that a proposal could entail 60 billion to 80 billion euros of loans from the European Financial Stability Fund.


German and other European officials urged Ireland to take a bailout. However, this nation is reluctant to accept as it would likely require tight financial austerity. In 2010, its budge gap could rise to 30% of gross domestic product.


Two days ago, the IMF’s managing director said that Ireland would receive willing assistance from the agency if it asked for support. Greece did accept to a joint EU-IMF economic-rescue package which was worth 110 billion euros in exchange of raising taxes and trimming public-sector pay and pensions.


Economics is the study of our lives,our jobs, our homes, our families and the little decisions we face every day. Thus, I am keen on reading and studying economic issues.

Great Investments For The Home Entertainer

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If it seems as though every Christmas, birthday party, graduation party, and Fourth of July (amongst others) are held at your house – you are probably no stranger to entertaining. Whether most of your events are held indoors or outdoors, there are some investments you can make that will make your life easier and your guests times more enjoyable. Whether they’re saving you a trip to the store or providing a conversation piece – these fun and helpful party items are a must for any host or hostess.

· Although you may associate them with weddings or fancy dinner parties, chocolate fountains are a great investment for anyone who enjoys entertaining. These easy to maintain items can be found at any cooking store and are extremely reasonably priced. You won’t have to worry about supervising it the entire time and your guests will have a fun new way to enjoy appetizers. You’ll look like a professional party host and you’ll have it for every event to come.

· If you’re constantly looking for platters and bowls to serve food on during every party, investing in a matching set will be something you will definitely benefit from. Many sets are available at cooking stores that include punch bowls, serving trays, and even serving tools like ladles and tongs. If you don’t have a cooking store nearby, you can also find items like these at any party store. Investing in a little more expensive, but higher quality, set will ensure that you will have these useful items for years to come. Never again will you have to spend an afternoon searching for dishes and plates to house your menu selections.

· If you entertain outdoors often, you know that there’s very little you can do to prevent bugs from hovering around food spreads. Instead of constantly swatting flies away – invest in some clear plastic food covers. They’ll keep your food protected from the bugs while still allowing party goers to see what’s underneath them.

· Another great investment for outdoor entertainers is high quality patio furniture. Sure, it’s easy to go out and replace cheap, broken chairs with more cheap chairs – but repeating this process every year can be both costly and annoying. By investing in patio or lawn furniture that you can either spray down with the hose or wash the seat/cushion covers mid-season, you’ll be able to easily maintain this furniture that will last you through multiple seasons.

· If you’ve ever planned an outdoor event and you’re worried that your porch won’t be large enough for everyone if it starts to rain, an outdoor canopy is something that will take away that lingering fear. Whether you’re using it to house chairs on a rain threatening afternoon or you’re using it as shelter for the food on an extremely sunny day, a small canvas canopy is easy to put up and down and has multiple uses.

So whether you’re an avid entertainer or are just getting into the game – making these investments will be something that both you and your guests will benefit from. Just as you would plan ahead for a vacation, think of your parties in the same light. The more experience you have, the better you’ll be at planning and organizing things. By having these helpful items already in the home, you’ll be a step ahead when it comes to getting things together.

Jonathan works for Your Home Supply (YHS) the definitive website for home improvement tools, and gardening supplies. Your Home Supply offers a wide range of cabinet pulls and cabinet knobs to help customers with their home remodeling ventures..

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