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Best Investment Trusts For Long Term Investments UK Top UK Investments Offers Guide and Tips. Advice and guide on investing in sto…

The best place to invest in 2014 - MoneyWeek Videos

Japanese shares have already had a very good run in 2013, but there’s a strong chance they will continue to do well in 2014. That’s because the government’s …

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  1. ReplyIan Jones

    Interesting. Thank you.

  2. ReplyKevin Alstrup

    Invest in pork bellies. 

  3. Replytony sara

    I take it your not aware of the situation at Fukushima still. Please go to Dahboo77 channel and wotch yesterdays vid called Fukushima Unit 3 Has Deadly Steam Blowout! Radiation Alert West Coast! Japan is a toxic mess,nobody in there right mind as going anywhere near it. Certainly not the best place to invest in right now.

  4. Replyshivan2418

    Im sorry to say it, but you are completely wrong. Also your economic illiteracy is shocking. Your logic is faulty in terms of inflation. You are saying that there will be a wage inflation because of normal inflation. If my paycheck loses 3% of its purshasing power to inflation and my boss then gives me a raise to compensate, where is gain then? I could just as well have 0% inflation and 0% pay raise. In reality people will not be compensated fully for the inflation and many workers will actually see a PAY CUT. The japanese stock market and bond market is in a giantic bubble which is only inflated by money printing.

  5. Replyaccountonline1


  6. ReplyAceCobra1

    You should talk a bit about bitcoins or alt coins :)

  7. ReplyFai H

    Best place to invest 2014 - Ca$h -Cancel all orders - buy sushi!

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