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Nathan Adrian explains the Ancient Art of Cupping – Gold Medal Minute presented by

Swimming News / Swimming Video courtesy of Swimming Photo courtesy of Mike Lews. 3-time Olympic gold medalist, Nathan Adrian, explains why he uses the ancient art of cupping…
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Central banks of the world are buying gold at a rate unseen since the ’60s. How can this move be explained? Emerging market cent…

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  1. ReplySofia Caeiro

    I just love the editing of these videos, and the presenter. Great work guys. Cheers from Portugal´╗┐

  2. ReplyRyan Pomy

    This is a huge bullish factor for gold going forward. After we find the final bottom in gold around $1,000, Central Banks will pile in like no tomorrow. Why Are Central Banks Hoarding Gold? What effect will this have on the price?´╗┐

  3. ReplyRob Bitz

    If the dollar is gonna collapse it doesn't really matter how much they pay for the gold.

  4. Replyhotneo7

    The bankers hoard gold right before a dollar collapse. If they are smart the prices won't be affected so they can buy more. If we have wars for oil then certainly we will have wars for gold.

  5. Replyking silver

    Excellent questions! The answers to these questions are what produces the out come!

  6. ReplyKevin Ussually

    Your gold numbers ate way way too low

  7. Replyjim cognition

    1:02 US - if it's there. No Audits done, all requests to audit refused.

  8. Replyalmanacaa

    Some central banks are located in very small Country's with minimal natural resources such as Italy. They store gold for obvious reasons.

  9. ReplyP Sheridan

    That's only the public data, figures for Russia and China are probably underreported.

  10. Replydeanmat

    What happened after 1964?

  11. Replyrenegado100

    Banks are buying paper gold !! dont be fooled , Mexico announced buying gold years ago but accept gold was in London ..and was paper !!

  12. ReplyJohn Smith

    Ima buy me some RMB

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