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Video Rating: 4 / 5

WARNING! Stock Market Bubble to Crash Worse than 1929

In today’s video, Christopher Greene of AMTV reports that a new stock market bubble will crash worse than 1929.…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  12. Replywebhostingsreview

    great video guy thanks

  13. ReplyHelge Sverre Hessevik Liseth

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  14. Replysohosterable

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  15. ReplyWinnifred Hudson

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  16. Replywebhostingsreview

    yes they provide great support

  17. Replywebhostingsreview

    very nice video i like it

  18. ReplyDomainDiving

    Thanks for sharing!

  19. ReplyAMTV

    WARNING! Stock Market Bubble to Crash Worse than 1929: via @youtube#StockMarketCrash #DollarCollapse "No doubt the Stock Market is entering new bubble territory with tech companies like Google hitting $1000 / share and the S&P 500 making all-time highs. As a result, will the stock market collapse worse than 1929?" Subscribe Now!

  20. ReplyShawnD1

    Twitter: market cap of 38 billion even though the company has never made any money. Nope, no bubbles here. 

  21. Replydeanojones1000

    even under gold backed banking reserves, fractional reserve banking was used. what's the fear/issue with fractional reserve banking @8:55. the world has used fractional reserve banking for centuries. 

  22. ReplyJohn Brown

    So basically we need to get our money out of the bank, invest in storable foods, seeds, guns, ammo and precious medals.

  23. ReplyWill Hawkins

    WARNING! Stock Market Bubble to Crash Worse than 1929

  24. ReplyMark Rawling

    AL MAY. I can't reply to your posts because you seem to have blocked that option, but "investing" in SLV or GLD exchange traded funds is a terrible idea. First, if you cash out and take a profit you have to pay taxes on it. Second, if you don't hold it in your don't own it. SLV & GLD are just electronic blips. The funds themselves are NOT the metals. You most definitely want those metals in your hand. And if anyone comes knocking for anything you keep your mouth shut and tell absolutely zero people you own anything. Definitely 100% take physical delivery of your metals.

  25. ReplyJames Chase

    Pretty much a Moran and trying to cash in on BS! Peter Shiff said maybe March, April 2014. He is usually an early bird but is right, but later.But, I think we will plod along and grow slightly. Look, just vote conservative in Nov 2014 if we are still afloat then or not and lets get to tax cutting and growing. In 2016, vote the socialist out and lets get back to growing and prosperity.

  26. ReplyChristopher C

    lol.. you just admitted that gold is useless in anarcho post apocalyptic scenario. gold will be worthless as it's no more money than the dollar is. it has no intrinsic value, nor should it

  27. ReplyPaul Gregory

    Short the Stock Market buy inverse ETFs or better yet buy call options on inverse ETFs when a inverse ETFs go up the stock market goes down. if you dont understand this Google "Inverse ETFs" Wake up and profit from the coming market correction.

  28. ReplyGlenda Keeler

    If it becomes a Mad Max situation, I will have NO problem protecting myself or those I love...

  29. ReplyThomas Roukema

    So should I focus more on paying off my debts, buying gold&silver, and saving liquid cash, rather than putting money into my ROTH IRA or money market account? My retirement account is with RBC and they say everything is fine? Are they lying?

  30. ReplyAware Productions

    You live in a bubble. US govt debt is nowhere near panic level, and it is irresponsible to promote paydown during recession; it never works; and you know it, or should


    i prefer to play the downside so cant wait if crash is going to means making money in short time.....

  32. ReplyJonathan Black

    Dow jones still heading higher. i now forcast 16,600 theres still a few stocks in the Dow Jones that have not recovered Such as General Electric. This market did not crash in 2013. this Video was a bunch of fear mongering.

  33. ReplyHittheBidRadio

    Do you have a specific date or time frame for this crash? Are you personally short the market? If you are short where do you plan to cover your positions. when the Dow hits 17,000 18,000 or 20,000? 

  34. ReplyDIYDaveT

    The root cause of all these problems is never mentioned: a fraudulent money supply consisting of fiat currency and (more importantly) fractional reserve banking. The money supply is a technology, in invention if you will, which is supposed to, among other things, serve as a storage medium for excess labor. In other words, after you work hard to feed, clothe, shelter yourself and your family you might have something left over. Money is supposed to be how you store it until you will need it in your retirement when you can no longer work and you need to exchange your stored labor for that of younger workers. Since nobody has to work in order to create fiat currency, it represents the naked shorting of human labor. When you steal labor, it used to be called slavery which is a crime against humanity and in fact a treasonous act against the people of the world. If fiat currency is a naked short against labor, fractional reserve banking is like a direxion 3x (10x or 100x) leveraged naked short of human labor. It means that you can work all your life and have nothing to show for it because those who know the truth of the scam have stolen your stored labor via the scam of fiat currency and fractional reserve lending. There need be no wars if the people would just understand this fact, list to Ron Fucking Paul for once, audit the fed and then end it and recharter all of the corrupt banks that it runs to use an HONEST money supply which uses honest, commodity backed money and NO fractional reserve lending. If you are afraid of losing in this deal then you are an idiot. The loses have already occurred whether you want to realize it or not. Fake numbers in your accounts are as Madoff account statements: complete fiction. 

  35. ReplyDavid Jew

    Who is this chump? He has NO TRACK RECORD and NO CREDIBILITY. He has NO IDEA what he is talking about.

  36. ReplyBr Erickson

    Wow! Christopher Green! Tell it. Your message is important. As the Survival Doc says: 'Be prepared or be prepared to be fleeced'.

  37. ReplyFreddie Krueger

    I think that backing off QE will only result in corrections to the market, they won't just end it, they will back off slowly allowing the market to correct slowly, not resulting in a major crash

  38. Replydator mail

    The gold is going up at a rather fast rate.

  39. ReplyTerri Suder

    I'll be surprised if we raise the debt ceiling!

  40. ReplyMarjorie Racette

    Thank you for your information mr Green keep it up and I agree with you we are in a bubble.

  41. ReplySamuel Moss

    1st I live in Texas and I'm doing wart I think all people should do. Trying to be self-sufficient

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